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That little car in Racemaker’s logo has big history at the Indy 500

Racemaker’s iconic logo comes to life 100 years after its second-place finish in the 1916 Indianapolis 500. This Duesenberg was the second of the two Duesenberg team cars that utilized the new 16-valve version of the 300-cid “Walking Beam” Duesenberg engines that appeared at the end of the 1915 season. Painted with the race number […]

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A passion for auto racing through the ages

Racemaker Press is an award-winning, unique publisher specializing in niche books on automotive racing and its history. With a particular focus on American Open-wheel racing, Racemaker is determined to keep the sport’s rich history alive for future generations by offering diverse titles from children’s books to biographies and other non-fiction work that are sure to […]