Frank Lockhart: American Speed King

Product Author James O'Keefe, Sarah Morgan-Wu
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A careful historical effort to set the story straight on Frank’s life and brilliant career.

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The compellingly self-confident, handsome, gifted race driver, and mechanical genius Frank Lockhart has long captured the imagination and curiosity of generations of automobile racing fans as a classic example of the “What if he had lived?” enigma. Even today, there remains a certain mystery about Frank’s amazing talent and fearless driving ability. There also have been a sizable number of myths about his life that have grown up over the years and have been repeated so often they have become accepted as the gospel truth.

In a careful historical effort to set the story straight, authors Sarah Morgan-Wu and Jim O’Keefe have combined their efforts to delve into all aspects of Frank’s life and career. They have left no stone unturned in an attempt to verify every bit of information. It is to their credit they have uncovered much long forgotten or hidden information that sheds important light on the true nature of Frank and his remarkable if all too short flash of brilliance on the stage of American automobile racing.

Lavishly illustrated, with fully documented charts of Lockhart’s race record, extensively detailed appendices, sourced and fully indexed, the publication is dust-jacketed, hard-bound with symth-sewn binding, and printed in full color on archival paper.

Lockhart is the inaugural publication in The Racemaker Press American Racing History Series. American automobile racing history is a field of scholarship still open to research. In an attempt to take on crucial parts of this field and to fill gaps earlier works did not cover in extensive detail, Racemaker Press has initiated a series of scholarly books devoted to specific subject matters such as personalities, drivers, tracks, marques and other points of specific scholarship.

About The Authors

Sarah Morgan-Wu has been involved in the research, publication, and data gathering for projects related to the history of automobile racing for more then 20 years. She worked previously in the art department under Michael Wentworth and with the Historic Print and Photograph Collections at the Boston Athenaeum. Her previous publications include: Arthur J. Stone: Master Silversmith and Conger Metcalf: A Retrospective. She, along with Wu Jianxin, established Racemaker Press in Beijing as the pioneer company in the emerging vintage automobile and racing market in China. Their company QingPing has designed and produced all of the Racemaker Press publications as well as several in translation for the PRC market. She currently is the author of a monthly column on vintage automobiles and racing for several lifestyle magazines in China.

James O’Keefe is and has been an automobile racing researcher, statistician, and historian for many, many years. He has contributed historical race records to a number of authors and publications. He is the author of The Winners Book: A Comprehensive Listing of Motor Racing Events 1895-2009; as well as the O’Keefe Winners Database: A Searchable Comprehensive Digital Database of Motor Racing Events 1895-2011. He curates and maintains an extensive personal archive of original source materials and images related to the history of automobile racing. He is currently at work on several projects, including co-authorship with Sarah Morgan-Wu on the pre-WW II history of Peugeot Racing in America.

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