Lartigue et les autos de course

Product Author Christophe Lavielle, Pierre Darmendrail
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Racemaker Press is pleased to be the exclusive USA distributor of this work which brings the unseen art of famed photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue back to life page by page. His work can be seen in museums around the world and now in this book with many never-before-seen photos and personal diary entries.


Lartigue’s passion for racing cars brought to life with 150 images and diary extracts.

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Lartigue et les autos de course is a book that will fulfill the expectations of all car-racing lovers and surely find its favour among those who appreciate photography. It was published thanks to the efforts of Pierre Darmendrail and Christophe Lavielle of Motor Mania, France who, with the valuable assistance and support from the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue, delved astutely into the photographer’s work, bringing it back to life in the pages of this book.

150 photographs and drawings, most of them unpublished, together with long extracts from his personal diary, are brought together for the first time in this book, dedicated to the Lartigue’s passion for racing cars. Lartigue carried his camera everywhere, taking shots when the fancy took him in the most varied settings imaginable: from the 1905 Gordon Bennett Cup to the 1978 Monaco Grand Prix, through the great era of the ACF Grand Prix races and the 1912 Gaillon hillclimb, the inauguration of the Linas-Montlhery racetrack in 1924, the races in the “roaring twenties” in Saint Sebastien, La Baule or Cap d’Antibes and the Indianapolis 500 mile race in 1967.

Even the shooting of films The Racers in Monaco in 1954 and Grand Prix in 1966, had attracted his insatiable curiosity. For our pleasure and enjoyment, Lartigue immortalized the Lorraine-Dietrichs, Darracqs, F.I.A.T., Schneiders, Delages, Peugeots, and other racing cars like the Bugattis or Alfa Romeos, portraying through his unique and incredible talent, the “chic impression of speed.”

Lartigue’s photographic artworks are currently found in most of the world’s major art museums, including NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Pierre Darmendrail with the collaboration of Christophe Laviellem, with English and French texts. Hardcover, 24 x 30 cm, 208 pages, 150 images reproduced from original negatives.

First published in France 2008.  Exclusive USA distribution by Racemaker Press.

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Christophe Lavielle, Pierre Darmendrail