Paddy’s Racing Potato

Product Author Thomas Houtz
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A wonderfully illustrated poetic fable for children and adults.


A wonderfully illustrated poetic fable for children and adults!

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Product Description

In a wonderfully illustrated poetic fable for children and adults, author Thomas Houtz skillfully and humorously draws us back to an era when races were held as immensely important contests between countries, held on public roads in front of huge audiences, in a wonderful imaginary event for vegetables!

Can poor Irish farmer Padraig Dolan really turn a giant potato into a successful racing car? Can he compete against the best in the world and win the famed 1907 Grand Prix des Legumes in the French countryside?

Can he really beat Germany’s speedy cucumber, England’s renowned asparagus, France’s champion tomato, or Canada’s lightening fast lettuce?

Get ready for all the action, but be sure to keep your ducklings out of the street!

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Dimensions 8.7 × 13 × 0.4 in

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